The In Design & Build Sdn Bhd is Malaysia Leading Bungalow Builder, Bungalow Expert & Bungalow Architect

Malaysia_Bungalow_Builder We have more than 10 years of experience as bungalow builder in Malaysia, we have a comprehensive team of bungalow expert ranging from architect, engineer, interior designer, project designer, project management staff, skilled craftsman to general labourer.
As Experienced Malaysia Bungalow Builder,
we believe that building and environment should be in perfect harmony physically and spiritually, therefore in our designs, we thoughtfully consider:
  • what is the feel of space by the occupants ?
  • what value must be observed in order to produce beauty ?
  • what basic practical needs the design must serve ?
  • how spaces should be planned for better human movement, higher privacy and easier furniture arrangements ?
  • where openings should be located to give maximum air movement and best view out while restricting the penetration of direct sunlight and rain water ?
  • how daylight should be introduced to create a pleasant atmosphere by its natural charm & etc.

Malaysia Bungalow Builder

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